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Buyers Guide

Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments an individual or couple will make. It is important to have assistance from a BREA licensed agent who is knowledgeable in the local market. I consider myself very knowledgeable in every facet of the business having worked in the high end luxury market in TheTurks & Caicos Islands. Returning to Nassau in 2010, I have a pulse on the country’s market, an in-depth knowledge of comparable values, construction costs, and will update you on any relevant/related factors affecting the market. I can also assist with relocation and immigration logistics. For overseas persons residing in the tax neutral Bahamas there may be significant tax advantages. I can guide you to knowledgeable tax experts here inThe Bahamas.

Your search for the investment that is best suited for you begins with having a clear understanding of the lifestyle you most desire. Lifestyle needs are as individual as people themselves. My experience is selling the most diverse and desirable lifestyle communities in an island paradise including but not limited to gated communities, exclusive country club neighbourhoods, unique waterfront properties and island properties for everyone dreaming of living in Paradise.

The Buying Process

Begin your process by having an understanding of the type of home you want, including what features are important to you. Be sure to distinguish between “wants” and “needs.”

  1. Should you choose me as your agent, I have a variety of strengths and specialties. It is important to choose a professional that you feel comfortable with.
  2. I will conduct an extensive search for available properties and discuss your interest.
  3. I will view properties with you including those onThe Bahamas MLS system which has properties throughout the entire Bahamas, regardless of the listing company or agent.
  4. Upon finding a suitable property. I will prepare a written offer that includes all of the terms and contingencies, financing stipulations, and a closing date.The offer will be presented to the seller and most likely negotiations will take place.
  5. I will recommend qualified lenders, mortgage brokers and local attorneys.
  6. When negotiations are complete, your attorney and the sellers attorney will prepare a formal Sales Contract that details every aspect of the transaction from escrow terms to the closing date. A deposit (5 or 10 %) is required upon the signing of the Sales Contract.
  7. If you are financing the purchase, the lending institution will require an appraisal. I will co-ordinate this for you.
  8. We will take a final walk-through of the property prior to closing.
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